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Low Cost Website Design

Hello and welcome to my low cost design website. I wish to explore with you all the options you have regarding cheap website design. I offer you efficient and technically accurate website design that should give you the edge over your competitors. I’m a British citizen currently located in the Arusha area in Tanzania. You will find that I’m also travelling through Europe regularly as I have business there too. I’m currently learning my trade as a web designer, but I already have a strong knowledge on the subject and a lot more expertise than a lot of my fellow competitors.

The Tricks that Common Website Designers use

Let me tell you a little bit more about some of my competitors that I’m sure you may already be aware of. To start off with, there are many, and I mean many designers who are trying to offer you so called “cheap website designs” but are really ripping you off. There are many reasons for this, maybe they’re claiming they will get you onto the front page for a Google search term? That will obviously seem very appealing at fist glance, but you have to really look into it, like how many views is that search term actually getting per month? Simple way to check is by looking up Google Ad Words with the Keyword Tool. No doubt you will find that in most cases the search term isn’t above a thousand views per month. This is why what they claim to be great search engine optimization (SEO), is in reality just them doing as little as possible with a useless domain name that isn’t going to get you any clients unless they’re searching specifically for you.

Why I’m Different

To find out how you can avoid this just read on and discover that I  offer to transform your company into something attractive for a broad audience. I feel that the way I conduct myself and my services is far more thorough and trustworthy than my opposition. I really am offering you cheap website design for the amount of hard work and dedication  that you get and in normal circumstances someone using my techniques would be charging you something around the region of  $2000.00- $3000.00.

Configuration and Training from Low Cost Website Design

WordPress Design

The configuration that I use to build you site is WordPress. I seem to find it the most user friendly out of all of the other configs as they all have too much computer jargon and too much HTML coding that needs to be engraved into the digital fabric which is in effect HTML. For me programmes like Dream Weaver and Joomla are just not something you want to be working with unless you want to go through the slow and arduous process of website design that simply isn’t necessary.

Understanding WordPress

I also find that the clients take to understanding Word Press very quickly and even get into the idea of designing a website of their own afterwards! It’s really simple once you get the basics, however, it does take some skill in actually making your site recognizable with Google and making sure that people are able to find you site without necessarily looking for your site in the first place. These techniques are some little secrets that I will let you in on and I will show you where you can do better than your competitors. All you need to do is make contact and I’l be ready and waiting to pick up the phone or answer to an E-mail straight away. You have no need to worry about a slow reply because as I have an Iphone on my person at all times, so you can contact me straight away if I’m not doing something very important.

I hope that you’re intrigued enough to find out more about how to further your business prospects. Please just read through the other pages before you make a concrete decision. I also encourage you to look through my own competitors websites as I firmly believe that you won’t find another person willing to offer you the same offer or expertise as i am for roughly the same price. Once I have completed a few more websites, my prices will inevitably be increasing, so the time is definitely now to invest in buying a high grade optimized website for your business. It’s definitely going to be a very wise decision that you make if you choose me to build up your website. I trust that you will make the right choice.